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Moroccan Meatball Soup

Moroccan Meatball SoupπŸ›’

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I'll be honest, ground beef meatballs is not something Iv'e made before. Iv'e only made turkey meatballs. I put it on my upbringing not really consuming red meat at home for the last 20 years. But none the less, this Moroccan Meatball recipe looked good so I bought all the ingredients to make it. My last EBT purchase was last week. And I was ready to buy again so I decided to make this once and for all. It was more prep then I expected because the recipe itself looked pretty simple. But I needed to have two pots boiling at the same time all while mixing meatballs. Slimy meatballs at that. It was all worth it. Very delicious although it was not as outright ethnic flavored, and it was overall a little less flavorful then I expected. I can't call it spicy either. The soup was right. What will I make next, probably nothing for a while because I have 10 whole meatballs to eat. Oh did I mention that the recipe could probably feed a family of 5 easily for the sheer amount of meat it has in it. I worked out for an hour after I made this dish.


Sweet Potato Nachos

Sweet Potato NachosπŸ›’

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Man that was awesome. What am I talking about? What's sweet yet spicy and comes out of the oven hot? I just had these tasty sweet potato nachos for dinner that's what. I acually have never heard of some of these ingredients like adobo sauce so I mixed together apple cider vinegar and tomato paste with oregano, cayenne, garlic and salt and made my own. That was easy. In fact everything I made for this recipe I made from scratch. I made salsa from scratch and even the chili powder. I have a bunch of raw ingredients I keep around and I have a bunch of time on my hands to prepare what I need to eat for the day so it's perfect. As far as prep time this wasn't the shortest and quickest recipe but if your in the mood for it you won't regret this dish like the night before.


Lemon-Sage Chicken Cutlets

Lemon-Sage Chicken CutletsπŸ›’

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Now this is a recipe I'd make again in a heart beat. No pun intended but this meal is good for the heart and soul. Chicken goes with sage and lemon and believe me your heart as well as your valentine will thank you if you make this tommorrow for that day we all love to love. This isn't the first time I made this but I made it even better because I marinated the chicken in the zesty seasoning overnight instead of serving it right away like I did before. This is great if you have sage, chicken and a boatload of organic lemons on hand. Think about it, Lemon-Sage Chicken Cutlets or use the extra lemons for sugary lemonade. I'll take Lemon-Sage Chicken Cutlets any day not to take anything away from lemon and sugar.


Southwestern Egg Rolls

Southwestern Egg RollsπŸ›’

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Nice. I guess February is avocado month. I just had these southwestern egg rolls and they tasted exactly like the picture! Honestly, how often can you say that? I put this together in about 15 minutes because I have a Mealthy Air Fryer attachment for my Instant Pot and it was crispy and quick. I'm getting good at this food prep thing! I had unthawed the opened chicken from my freezer for 5 hours as preperation beforehand. The trick to these southwestern egg rolls I came to find out are actually the tortilla's you use. The small handcrafted tortilla's are perefct for dipping into the avacodo dip. BTW, do not try to have this without the dipping sauce or the whole thing will taste too dry, and with the sauce it's like chicken and ranch baby!


Avocado Salsa

Avocado SalsaπŸ›’

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So what did you make for Game Day? I made this. We had a safe and small family gathering and I brought along this recipe for Avocado Salsa. The truth is we were eating meat that day but I wasn't at the grill making it. That was done the day before, but I decided to contribute my share to the table with this amazing salsa fresco. Making it was a great use of the hass avocados that were getting really soft in my fridge. As for the avocados, I found them on sale but still pretty expensive! Would I choose large Hass avocados over regular small avocados again? Probably because they are amazing avocados that just happen to spoil quickly. Tropical Avocado Salsa, yep. Check one more box to something healthy that is actually really tasty and flavorfull. You just have to have this with something like chips or meat because this is really a side dish more then a full meal.


Grilled Shrimp Fajita

Grilled Shrimp FajitaπŸ›’

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I decided to buy some shrimp last month. It's not something I usually have on hand but I noticed a deal popup for Jumbo Shrimp and I thought what the heck. I haven't had shrimp for a day over forever so I bit at the deal so to speak. I didn't think about the shrimp that I bought for a while but today I looked up a recipe for these monsterous shrimp that were sitting in my freezer. Hardly recovering from my previous fajita fix; I coudn't be more excited to try what I found. I mean Fajita and Shrimp? That sounds really fantastic and I haven't actually tried it yet. So let me tell you - I had a ton of onions sitting unused in my pantry and I mixed that together with grilled shrimp on tortilla. This is it folks. You have to try this once in your life or twice this month. I dare to say this is almost as good as Rubio's Fish Tacos or better known as the place where I had my first fast food job for a week before they fired me. But that's another story for another time.


Mexican Quinoa Bowl

Mexican Quinoa BowlπŸ›’

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Breakfast is an important ritual for me. As it is probably for you. And to be honest all I ever eat for breakfast is a very very important bowl of oatmeal. But I decided to change it up with something more diverse. No, I'm not talking about Intermittent Fasting. There is no way I would actually skip breakfast but why not start the day with the produce I had on hand that I usually use to make dinner with. Now that's diverse. And really because my cilantro was starting to wilt I needed to quickly use it up in the next few days for something other then burritos, eggs and dinner salad. This Quinoa bowl was something I appreciated having. I don't know if I would make it everyday. It's just different then what I'm used to for breakfast but I actually may try this again and maybe make a new habbit out of eating veggies for breakfast. Nah, I'll just stick to having my ginormous bowl of very important morning oatmeal.


Salmon Cobb Salad

Salmon Cobb SaladπŸ›’

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Eat a salmon a day and make the doctor go away. Is that what you say or is it eat an apple a day? I don't know but anyways, I started eating salmon once a week. It's a nice break from eating chicken and ground beef for dinner. It's rich in Omega-3 and I'm making it a habbit to eat well this year after what we all went through last year. To double up on the health benefits I decided to eat salmon with a side of salad. Then I went all-in and made it even better as a full meal. Please welcome captain Cobb, or Cobb Salad have you. The salad was crisp and refreshing and the best part is, after I ate the dinner salad I felt great for the rest of night. Like me, you don't have to eat this everyday but I recommend eating this dinner once or twice a week to get through. You can even have it with apples if you like.


Thai Curry Noodles

Thai Curry NoodlesπŸ›’

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Have you ever watched that Netflix show "Somebody Feed Phil"? I watched it one time and it's great. In the episode Phil visits a city I haven't really seen or experienced in my lifetime. Singapore. I mean, I knew that place existed but Iv'e never actually seen the architecture and the culture much less experienced Singapore food. There is one interesting fusion dish that stands out. Singapore Noodles. Singapore Noodles are great if you have the right pasta ingredient and any sort of thin meat. In all honesty, unless if you have an extra package of Vermicelli noodles on hand and deli pastrami like I did when I made my version, I recommend making the singapore noodle sibling, thai noodle. You want to add some chicken and make a batch of homemade curry powder. Throw in some green onions, carrots. And cook everything together. You want to keep your pan wet with water or a little stock as your cooking. Cook the noodles beforehad then add them to the pan with everything else. You can add boiled egg, that's always good and peas and celery. See, it's you're canvas.


Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate BrowniesπŸ›’

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Chocolate brownies. Did I get your attention? I probably did and your probably thinking, man I want some. And if your not, you aren't human. Anyway now you can have your brownies and eat them too. If that makes any sense. It probably doesn't and neither does mixing avocado and black beans with chocolate and cocunut oil. Yet that's exactly what I did and made some awesome avocado black bean brownies. There are several recipes online and I found one that used cocunut oil since I had some of that on hand. If you want better tasting brownies you can go for a more classic variety but it's pretty easy to make because you just put a can of black beans in a blender, puree and then add avocado slices, 2 eggs, a tablespoon of chocolate powder, a teaspoon of baking powder, cocunut oil, some extra sugar, vanilla. And then bake the blend in a oven safe dish at 350 for 45 minutes.


Spaghetti Sauce

Spaghetti SauceπŸ›’

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There is spaghetti sauce sauce and then there is home made spaghetti sauce sauce. Home made spaghetti sauce sauce is simply better then anything from a jar especially when you leave it for a few days to settle in. To start off though, you can't get better then fresh. The trick to home made sauce is roasted peppers and sweet red tomatos. You don't want to rerigerate the tomatos. You want them to be ripe and red. Cherry tomatoes work great. Simply blend the roasted red peppers with the tomato puree and add some spices, like orgegnos and garlic. If you have some time, it really helps if you roast the garlic beforehand and squeeze out the pulp. Just mix everything up and blend it into a puree. It takes about 1 minute of blending, and as mentioned you can refrigerate this sauce to make it that much better.


Chicken Fajitas

Chicken FajitasπŸ›’

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I love me some Chicken Fajitas in the morning. Just kidding! We know that Chicken Fajitas aren't a breakfast food but honest question do you perfer the Chicken Fajitas for dinner or lunch? I like them for lunch. Why? Because they're really simple to put together if you have all the ingredients. If you have a variety of peppers that's great but if you only have one kind use whatever you have. As for the best Chicken Fajitas pepper I would pick yellow because it's slightly sweeter. And this pepper blends so well with the chili spices and cumin. These make for really nice left overs. And in fact I think they taste even better when left in the fridge one or two days and reheated in the microwave. Freshly prepared Mexican food is great and 100 times better then eating at Taco Hell again for sure.


Tuna Sandwich

Tuna SandwichπŸ›’

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Everytime I look at a can of tuna fish today I get the nostolgic feeling of opening the metal can as a teenager and poppping open that glass jar of Claussen pickles and layering mayo on two pieces of Wonderbread and making what I called my homemade tuna sandwich. Looking back, I can't believe I was actually eating that bland stuff. Then I experienced what a real good tuna sandwich is all about, no not the one from Circle-K, although that one's really good. I'm talking about the one you get from real places like Mick's Deli. Making it is actually as simple as mixing together about 7 ingrediants, and because your just mixing everything together it's surprisingly easy to prepare and store. Just put the spread on two pices of Wonderbread. You still gotta get the Wonderbread.